Hotel Management

Hotel Management

At Murooj Al Alia, we provide impeccable hospitality services to clients who want us to run their hotels. We provide trained and certified chefs, and all other support staff to manage your hotel needs.

Being veterans in this area, we believe we are capable of providing the best service in helping our clients to operate their business and operate it successfully. Talk to us now to understand our forte in this area.

We provide continuous training and ensure talent is nourished and engaged at an organization level.

Impeccable hospitality services

With years of experience the chefs of Murooj Al Alia has been providing impeccable hospitality services to many star hotels across Oman, Murooj Al Alia also provides delicious and hygienic food to many hotels in Oman.

The company provides well trained hospitality professionals for their hotel needs and restaurant needs as well.

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We are dedicated to providing professional service with the highest degree of honesty and integrity, and strive to add value to our catering and hotel management services.

Murooj Al Alia’s hospitality roots run deep in Oman. Our small but mighty team dreamed big when we launched our corporate catering and hospitality services company during a time when the area’s business scene took off running.

Fast forward a couple years, Murooj Al Alia transforms into a top hospitality and catering company, and our business evolves to encompass hotel industry, elaborate corporate and social events. Fast forward again. Inspired by Murooj Al Alia’s growth and desirability, we expanded even more, taking on large hotels and daily catering for Corporates on a large-scale.

Along the way, we’ve also expanded our services and fulfilled our food-centric identity to become a leader in providing exceptional service that clients can rely on and trust.

With several awards, stringent quality controls and many five-star reviews under the belt, our team enjoys coming together to provide catering services for some of the most reputable companies in Oman.


“Excellent food, great taste, timely preparation. Congrats keep it up”
, Saud Bahwan Group

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