Quality Policy

The commitment of Murooj Al Alia LLC to quality, food safety and its customers is defined in the company’s Quality Policy, authorized by the Chairman, as follows:

Murooj Al Alia LLC is committed to meeting continuously its customers’ stated needs, and striving ceaselessly to meeting its customers’ implied needs, through the preparation, production and delivery of fresh healthy ready meals which comply consistently with the requirements of specifications, contracts and food safety legislation.

Our Quality Policy specifies the Degree of Excellence as all activities of the organization will be carried out in a systematic manner in accordance with defined and documented Policies and Procedures.

Quality management system planning

Our QMS identifies and plans for the resources needed to ensure that our quality objectives are met. This includes the identification and planning of QMS processes, the resources needed to ensure its successful implementation, and objectives for continuous improvement.  Any changes to the system are conducted in a controlled manner so that the integrity of the QMS is continually maintained. 

Employee Responsibility

All employees are responsible for the quality of their work and for their part in the overall processes used to provide products and services to our customers.  Employees will identify and record any problems relating to the product, process, and quality system.  Employees are also the key participants in process improvements and the identification of measures needed to ensure the continued success of our continuous improvement process. They will initiate, recommend, or provide solutions through the Corrective/Preventive Action Program.

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